As a part of my research I am constructing selected toys from the collection of toys on the website 
A more hands-on approach to the research which would help me gain experience when conducting workshops or designing/redesigning instructions for the toys. 
Focus on : The kind of graphics used to instruct the process of constructing these toys.
Simplicity in understanding the instructions and translating to the actual construction of toy.
Narratives within the toys and the process defined.
Shortlisting toys I will be narrowing upon eventually. 
What the toy is teaching or its potential in terms of explaining a scientific principle. 
The possible role a toy could play in a narrative or compilation. 

19th July

Paper Fun

Not necessarily teaching a scientific principle. Possible focus on Mathematical concepts.
Largely origami based. 
Either character(origami animals) driven or utility based (storage compartments).
Encourage to search for some sort of locomotion in the characters even through simple paper folding. 
The paper toys can possibly translate as characters in a narrative. 
A possible movement through a story - Characters (origami animals) as well as props (eg: vehicle from the tumbling toy) 

Some of the toys I made today:  

Jumping Frog 

Cat Puppet


Flapping Ear Rabbit

Paper Crow

Tumbling Toy

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