Monday, July 12, 2010


The whole idea of children making their own toys and creating from scratch to teach themselves about science comes from Arvind Gupta's thoughts on the education system and the need for children to look at a more out-of-classrooms-and-text-books medium.
Reading through articles and documents on his website key points that stand out form the premise for this project.

The excess junk produced in the current lifestyle of most urban children and a need for them to look at this waste as something beyond use and throw.

Underprivileged children often creating toys from anything they can find – not being aware of the science/mechanism behind it.

India still having a tradition of making things by hand – Restoring and preserving that, aiming to encourage children to build upon it.

The idea of children breaking apart toys in order to play with them. Feeding their curiosity as well as encouraging them to figure out for themselves how things work.

The way the child does something being the correct way. An emphasis on what the process of making something is for them as opposed to following directions blindly. A follow up once something is made in terms of its working, mechanism etc.

Ref : The Joy of Making Indian Toys - Sudarshan Khanna

Indian Toys and Toy Makers - Sudarshan Khanna

UNESCO Sourcebook for the Science in the Primary School

“There is a general dearth of good books on science activities, toy making, origami and how-to-do-it books. I am against slotting books for specific age groups for I feel that a good book is a joy for one and all.” –Arvind Gupta.

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