Sunday, July 18, 2010

Client Meet : Review 01 follow up

Redefining my role in this project - The role of a communicator as opposed to a teacher.
Looking at creating an experience through which the child is able to understand through making and playing. The experience could be made up of two kinds of interactions
- A facilitator / parent carrying out a workshop (group interaction / collective learning / taught fun(?) / out of school, class atmosphere / planned activity / extra-curricular or co-curricular),
- A product / compilation / experience designed solely for the child (independent learning / self motivation and self initiated / teach yourself science)
The workshops could act as a platform for research or a medium which goes back and forth between research and the product.

As a communicator, looking at understanding the exact nature of the subject - the "flavour" of science so to say... works on questioning, prediction, experimentation and inference. Encouraging children to understand this about science using the toys as a medium to experiment.
Using the workshops as a space to create a rapport with the children in order to remove it from a class-like atmosphere. Possibility of carrying out the workshops over 3 evenings or the weekend. Planning ahead for these workshop experiments keeping in mind exam schedules for children. A possibility of taking this to a school in order to modify a classroom experience.

Looking at creating stories around these toys which could lead to the compilation / product / experience driven through a narrative. The narrative could be constructed keeping in mind special tools used to teach children (possible methods used to teach children who have a learning disorder etc), histories of the scientific concepts taught by the toys etc. This narrative would be the driving force of the experience built around these toys which would lead to independent interaction by the children. The toys could act as props in this product / compilation.

POA : Actual construction of a series of toys as a part of research and familiarization. - Looking at their materials, science, stories behind them.
Creating and idea and question bank from this activity and a possible visit to or interaction with Arvind Gupta himself. (Tentative date - monday - 26th july)

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