Monday, August 2, 2010


What? Why?

I’ve been trying to construct a narrative surrounding the toys. I feel the need to clarify the nature of the narrative as well as the actual reason for choosing this medium before I begin.

The toys are constructed through the instruction graphics provided. However there is no follow up. The website essentially teaches the child to make the toy but doesn’t provide a platform for the toy to be played with after that. The workshops could work as a platform where the child is encouraged to experiment with the toy after it is constructed thus inculcating a sense of scientific thinking.
The narrative is to provide an environment / context / situation / use / character for the toy.
The form of a narrative comes from the way in which certain activities are carried out for children (example: music classes for children (Kodaly classes) include giving each one a character as well as a musical function and the learning of basic principles happens through interaction relating to the characters and functions) or the way in which children with special needs are taught some basic concepts (example: through games / relating to their everyday lives etc.)

Narrative forms:
Sequential storytelling
Related environments (the environment built around one toy relating to that of another) – (ref: Where in the World is Waldo)
Building of one toy leading to or requiring the building of another
Overarching story / undercurrent of theme

Where in the World is Waldo

An important thing to keep in mind :
Using the workshops not as an observation platform but using exactly what happens in the workshops to create the product. Picking up observations, feelings,insights and implications from the workshops and translating them into the product. The interaction (facilitator and group of children) of the workshop translates into the person-product interaction.

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