Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Product : beginnings of

I began with looking at adding a narrative to instructions to add another layer to them and creating an environment to play with the toy after the child had made it.

Idea 1 :
Creating a book which would tell the story of a sequence of toys and characters who would be the props that the child constructs while they read the story. A linear narrative which tells the story of the creator of the toy factory who found a new life in everyday junk and used it to build the factory and invent lots of new toys.
Idea 2 :
Creating a series of mats which provide a base on which the toys can be played with. T
he mats create the environment. They have 3-D elements like pop-up buildings / trees etc. The mats could be attached with pull out instructions which help you make the toy. There would be a series of mats which could be tiled to build a story.
Loop Holes :
-The come-back value to a linear narrative. The motivation to make these toys again and again.

-The environment of the toy simply being provided and not improvise
d upon by the child in any manner.
The toy being used only as a prop not bringing out the true essence of the toy – No understanding of the science or freedom/role in building the character of the toy.
-No particular push to use the junk itself. Only a subtle motivation to use junk through the underlying story.
-Difficulty in sequencing toys to relate to each other to create the entire narrative. Limitation in the toys.
The mats would create a further problem of sequencing the story for the child. Interaction steps would be increased in a confusing manner.


Sharvari Shah said...

is this your style for the artwork priyanka???

Priyanka said...

nope... just experimenting :)