Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ive been sequencing and planning for the workshops that I will be holding as a research platform for the product.
Organize workshop with schools : small groups - approximately 10 children, Standard 3 / 4 / 5.
Organize smaller workshops with a mix of children at building societies / Extra-curricular activity class time.
Organize a workshop at a venue on a particular date and have children within the age group come in and attend.


1. Ice Breaker (only for workshop where the children are not familiar with each other) - Find your Science Pair (ex: Newton and his Apple)

2. Fun introduction to making and playing with toys - Making an origami crow which can hold things in its beak. Making two fish each and putting them together in a larger "pool". Whoever catches the most number of fish with the crows beak in a minute wins.

3. Making a bunch of toys along with the facilitator - A tentative list of toys for this is :
Straw Spinner
Pencil Spinner
Ball in the Air
Puppeteers Whistle
Up-down Ball
Loop Glider
Coin centrifuge
Paper Helicopter
Three Blade Fan
Water Sprinkler
A couple of these toys will be provided as a kit to take home and make at the end of the workshop.

4. Telling a story about your favourite toy - The children will be given paper and crayons and asked to draw a picture of and write a short story about their favourite toy.

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